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Apoptosis Research Centre

An tIonad Taighde Apaptóise


  • The Apoptosis Research Centre at NUI Galway, Ireland is composed of an interactive network of researchers investigating cell death and its relationship to human disease.

  • We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that lead to cell death and how the biological processes involved in the cell death program are changed in disease states.

  • Deregulation of the cell death program can result in diseases such as cancer, Myocardial Infarction, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or Multiple Sclerosis. We are interested in developing strategies to intervene in the cell death program to aid in the treatment of disease.

  • The Apoptosis research centre is currently composed of 4 groups with over 20 researchers and support staff. We have a range of technologies available for studying cell death at the molecular and cellular and level.


  • The aim of the Apoptosis Research is to create a focused, interactive and dynamic research environment, where researchers can come together to understand the complex pathways leading to cell death and can apply this knowledge to the discovery of novel therapies for the treatment of a wide ranges of diseases.

    Our research is sponsored by the European Union, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, the Health Research Board and Cancer Research Ireland.