Research Expertise and Facilities

Apoptosis-specific Assays:

  • Phosphatidyl serine externalisation
  • Caspase Assays
  • Mitochondrial de-polarisation
  • Death receptor DISC co-immunoprecipitation
  • Luciferase-based assays for death complexes (HF)
  • Cell-free systems for caspase activation (HF)

Cell Death Assays:

  • Multi-colour Flow Cytometry
  • Magnetic cell isolation
  • Microscopy
  • Viability Assays (membrane-integrity)

Ex-vivo models of AML microenvironment

  • Mixed cell type (tumor + stroma) 3-D spheroid cultures
  • Multi-colour Flow Cytometry


High Content and High Throughput Screening (
Alpha Screen (measures protein-protein interactions)
Flow Cytometry (
MesoScale Discovery (MSD) (multiplex cytokine analyser)
Blood Cancer Biobank (