Professor Afshin Samali
Professor Afshin SamaliProfessor of Biochemistry & Director of Apoptosis Research Centre

Room BMS-G027
Biomedical Sciences, NUI Galway
Ph: 091 492440
Research Interests: Autophagy, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress, Unfolded Protein Response, Cell Death in Cancer

Research Team

Dr Mila Ljujic
Dr Mila LjujicPost-Doc
Eoghan McGrath
Eoghan McGrathPhD Student
Aaron Talty
Aaron TaltyPhD Student
Karolina Pakos-Zebrucka
Karolina Pakos-ZebruckaPhD Student
Aitor Almanza
Aitor AlmanzaPhD Student (Early Stage Researcher)
Chetan Chinta
Chetan ChintaPhD Student (Early Stage Researcher)
Brian Leuzzi
Brian LeuzziPhD Student (Early Stage Researcher)
Stuart Creedican
Stuart Creedican PhD Student (on secondment) (Early Stage Researcher)
Sankeet Moore
Sankeet MoorePhD Student (on secondment) (Early Stage Researcher)