About Us

The Apoptosis Research Centre is a group of Research Teams located at the Biomedical Sciences Building at NUI, Galway.
The Teams work collaboratively to investigate the mechanisms of cell death in a range of diseases, with a particular focus on cancers.
Currently, there are 7 Principal Investigators or ‘Team Leaders’ within the centre:

Professor Afshin Samali
Professor Afshin SamaliDirector
Dr Howard Fearnhead
Dr Howard Fearnhead Team Leader
Dr Sharon Glynn
Dr Sharon Glynn Team Leader
Dr Adrienne Gorman
Dr Adrienne GormanTeam Leader
Professor Michael O’Dwyer
Professor Michael O’Dwyer Team Leader
Dr Eva Szegezdi
Dr Eva SzegezdiTeam Leader
Dr Susan Logue
Dr Susan Logue Team Leader

We are passionate about our research on cell stress and cell death and we are committed to applying the knowledge that we generate to improving the diagnostic and therapeutic options for cancer patients.

We have a number of productive collaborations with research groups in the UK, Europe, North America and Chile. We are also open to new collaborations with like-minded researchers where there may be synergy between our research interests. If you would like to collaborate with us, please Contact Us.

Afshin Samali, Director Apoptosis Research Centre

Apoptosis Research Centre Managers

Dr Sandra Healy
Dr Sandra Healy Research Centre Managers
Dr Sinéad Walsh
Dr Sinéad Walsh Scientific Programme Manager, ARC
Dr Ruth Dooley
Dr Ruth DooleyResearch Manager, ARC

ARC Mission

The aim of the Apoptosis Research Centre is to create a focused, interactive and dynamic research environment, where researchers can come together to understand the complex pathways leading to cell death and can apply this knowledge to the discovery of novel therapies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

Our research is sponsored by the European Union, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, the Health Research Board and the Irish Cancer Society

History of ARC

In 2001, ‘apoptosis’ became a priority biomedical research theme at NUI Galway. At that time, major institutional research funding of €50 million was secured, of which €2 million was dedicated to establishing the Apoptosis Research Cluster.

The impressive outputs and impact of this cluster led it to becoming the “Apoptosis Research Centre” (ARC) in 2010. Professor Afshin Samali is the Director of this Centre which currently comprises 7 Principal Investigators and more than 40 researchers and support staff.