We are delighted to announce that Eimear, in collaboration with Prof. Afshin Samali, has successfully secured an EXPLORE Award to tackle “fake news” about cancer and its risk factors, that often appears in the media. This exciting project called “Let’s Talk Cancer” will let the public decide through an online poll, which topics they would like to see explained through short snappy animations, using knowledge garnered from experts in the field. “Let’s Talk Cancer” aims to dispel the numerous myths surrounding the risk factors associated with cancer, where facts can often be misinterpreted and research studies sensationalized. Eimear and her fellow researchers at ARC will also create short animations explaining their research in a clear and understandable way. These animations will be available for the public to view on YouTube and social media. Eimear is a 3rd year IRC-funded post-graduate student working with Dr. Eva Szegezdi at the Apoptosis Research Centre. The EXPLORE award allows NUI Galway students and staff to partner up to deliver their innovative ideas https://www.nuigalway.ie/explore.