On Monday 30th April 2018, Dr Sharon Glynn, a Lecturer in Pathology from the Apoptosis Research Centre, NUI Galway who is based at the Lambe Institute for Translational Research was awarded a highly prestigious Science Foundation Ireland Career Development Award.

This award provides Dr Glynn with funding for four years to recruit a post-doctoral researcher and a PhD student to progress her unique research ideas involving the role of nitrosative stress and human endogenous retroviruses in cancer development and progression.

Her research project aims to identify new ways of preventing and treating high grade aggressive breast and prostate cancer. Her project will focus on how ancient HERV-K viruses hidden in our DNA interact with iNOS, an enzyme involved in wound healing and immune regulation, and lead to the development of aggressive breast and prostate cancer.

These cancers can be difficult to treat and cause up to 1,100 Irish deaths yearly. By better understanding how HERV-K and iNOS drive cancer, Dr Glynn will have the potential to identify new ways to prevent and treat these cancers. She will also investigate if HERV-K blood biomarkers can improve upon current testing for prostate cancer as currently only 40% of men with elevated PSA are found to have prostate cancer.